How to Covert your Blog Post into a Video

Bloggers or Online writers largely create use of writing to convey their message to their readers. however have you ever ever thought of victimization pictures, or videos to try and do the same? in fact, lots of individuals use videos and pictures on their blogs or websites. however however concerning presenting your awful web log posts within the style of a video? perhaps not each follower of yours is following your drawn-out web log posts that you just share on social media, thus why not attempt one thing new, and gift your web log posts in an exceedingly whole completely different way?

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At now, you would possibly be thinking you do not have the time or even the power to make and edit a video, thus why bother? Wibbitz! this can be a pleasant tool that may assist you create a video from your web log posts with little effort!

Basically, Wibbitz could be a net app that may crawl your web site or web log, and extract the foremost necessary info. this may then be born-again into Associate in Nursing audio and video presentation. The audio will embrace narrations of your latest web log posts, so your readers will hear those updates instead of reading them.

This is a comparatively distinctive thought, that you'll create use of to raised advertise your web site. A video will say lots concerning your web site, and can get you additional followers as a results of your video promoting.
Create a video for your website
Visit the Wibbitz homepage, and appearance at the lowest. Fill out the e-mail and website computer address fields, and click on on produce Your Clip. This would possibly take a couple of minutes, since it involves lots of process. thus sit back and relax!

Once finished, you will get Associate in Nursing imbed code for your video. altogether probability, this can be all you would like. however if you would like to tweak the video a trifle, you've got the customize Clip choice below. Here, you will get to re-size the video, place in an exceedingly vocalization, or place in Loop or Autoplay. you'll additionally amendment the audio recording from among the six completely different choices. Once you are done, merely click on Update Clip, and you are done.

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This is a fairly sensible tool, and can produce hypertext markup language five imbed code for you, which is able to be accessible across multiple devices. The voice synthesizer is pretty sensible too, with simply a small hint of synthesized speech. the largest hitch although, is that it cannot method special characters like the apostrophe, and therefore speaks out the hypertext markup language codes for them, that sounds pretty awkward.
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