Free Domain vs Paid Domain Names

I see Blogging as an interesting Online Business which enables website or blog owners to make money from  blog traffic, popularity, ads and many more

pics of blogThe Road to success in Blogging begins with a well researched niche, powerful Seo and the domain used which any be either paid domain or free domain name. Many new bloggers considered the free domain like the wordpress or due to its convenience and cheap.

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Some blogging expert believes the success of a site depends on the type of domain name used i.e either free domain name like or paid domain names like the .com, .net, .edu, .info, .org and many more.

Although i have seen many site with free domain names do well even on search engines and earn cash online even more than some paid domain site like the .com or org.

Both Free domain and the Paid domain names all have various advantages and reasons to start blogging with them. Below are some advantages of using a free domain like blogspot and also paid domain names like the .com and .org.

Advantages of Using a Free Domain
1. The blogspot or wordpress free domain names are free which is good for beginners
2. The free domain is Search Engine Friendly since its own by Google itself e.g Blogspot
3. The cost of blogging on a free domain names are relatively cheap
4. No need to worry about domain name registration expiration
5. No issue of paying for domain name with acceptable Online payment method or mastercard/Visa cards

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Advantages of Paid Domain Name
1. You will have a nice custom name with a Paid domain.
2. A paid domain name gives full control of website domain name panel
3. A paid domain name provides easy remembered names e.g to
4. The site look professional and easy to remember by readers.
5. The Paid domain names usually come with lot of SEO features

Comparing both advantages of using a free domain name and paid domain name really speaks a lot on which one to use but i recommend using a paid domain for new and old site for easy search engine optimization and convenient blogging career. 

We've been able to give some important tips on the question of " between a free domain name and paid domain name, which is better?

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  1. Free domain offer domain registration free for only one year. After that you should pay for renewal for that domain. These are useful for only short period websites. If you want to develop a website/blog for a long period, then don’t go for free domains. Google may ban the free domains.When you go for a free domain after one year you should change your domain, so it may loose all your visitors,SEO, page rankings, back links, etc.Looking at the advantages and disadvantages of free domains my advice is that if your blog/website is of short period and no need of SEO, then go for free domains .For getting a good domain name service in terms of SEO get the cheap paid domain service like


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