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pics of blogAt present, many people are choosing blogging as their part time as well as full time job. To succeed well in online marketing platform, it is very important to know the tips and tricks to promote a blog. How to set up and maintain a blog? This is a common question asked by many new comers in online marketing platform. Both set up and establishment plays a main role in online marketing field.

* Blog set up

Blog set up is the first and the foremost step that all online marketers will do. To set up a blog, person must get a good domain first. After the selection of domain name, blog owner must select a reliable web hosting solution to promote the blog. To boost traffic, set up WordPress on blog and select a nice theme so that the eyes of readers won't get irritated. Now, it is the duty of blog owner to create blog posts and blog pages. After creating relevant number of pages and posts, try to insert images according to the content.

* How to create content that attract more reader to the blog?

This is a common query asked by people all over the world. At present, there are several websites available to assist the needy people in search of the best content. To get more traffic and readers, it is advised to write content based on relevant and popular keywords. This method of content writing can attract more readers to blog. Also, it will reduce the bounce rate in an effective manner. If the blog owner is not able to write content, he or she can hire freelancers to do the task. As said earlier, today there are many professional freelancers ready all over the world to help the needy people. After writing relevant content to the blog, it is the duty of blog owner to establish it. 

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* Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, best known as SEO plays a great role in improving blog traffic. For best result, blog owner can make use of Google website optimizer to make the blog in the topmost position. Also, blog owners are advised to keep their blog safe from Google Panda and Penguin effect. Proper SEO can make the blog visitors stay longer. Security holds a prominent position in search results. Hence it is the role of blog owners to ensure security along with establishment. 

* How to make money from blog?

Pay per Click, CPM Ad and Sponsored Ad are some main ways by which a blogger can make money from his or her blog. In most cases, tax systems will grant tax credits to blog and site owners. Apart from the above specified ways, a blogger can also earn money from blog via Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing. Online marketing to establish blog popularity can be done in many ways. Email marketing and marketing via social media sites are two main ways by which a person can promote his or her blog. Apart from marketing, commenting on blog also plays a key role in enhancing blog. To ensure great traffic, new bloggers are advised to take part in commenting. Commenting on other blogs can improve the popularity as well as traffic of blog.


Today, blogging serve as one among the best recommended methods to make money online. Amount of money received by a blogger will entirely depend on the blog owner's effort. Today, there are several tools available to promote a blog to the top position in search results. For satisfactory result, make sure to follow the latest SEO tips and tricks.

Author Bio: It is written by Mercy Karen, a financial and travel blogger .She is a writer from London who loves to express her advises on finance and recent journeys. She write articles for blogs and websites during her free time. Currently she is focusing on ESTA which is now useful for all travelers to the USA who plan to enter the country by air or sea.


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