7 Online Businesses That Pay Directly into Bank Account

Are you looking for any legitimate Online Business that pays directly into bank account aside other Online payment system? The solution is here which includes some list of site and what you can do to make money online directly into your bank account.
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It looks more simple if you reside in the United State, Uk or Canada where many reliable companies pays people legitimately for their effort.

Payments can be sent legitimately online directly to a bank account anywhere in the world aside US or Uk in as much the your bank support online banking or international bank wire. Alternatively, you could open a Domiciliary account with your bank where you bank account details are interconnected.
Online Business that Pays Directly to Bank Account

1.  Google Adsense  :  This is a legitimate way to earn money online using a simple blog site or an official site. Google Adsense is an advertising program owned by Google inc to pay website owners based on ads served on their site. Google Adsense pays publishers by check which are deposited directly into a bank account or Directly into bank account in some countries. To know more, please read Google Adsense is Legit

2. Sport Prediction : this is an online sport prediction that pays directly to the bank after making some money. You could make money from sport such as football, Basketball, Tennnis etc just by predicting the scores of matches or games played around the world. The sport is a sure way to make money directly into a bank account after winning. There many sport/soccer prediction site, just Google some that pays directly into any bank and start your online business

3. Affiliate Marketing : Many affiliate site pays directly into bank, check or paypal. Affiliate Marketing involves selling other people product on your site and get paid by commission on each product sale. Many Affiliate site pays directly into bank. See sites like Clickbank, commission junction, ebay, Amazon etc

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4. Addynamo : this online advertising program pays directly to people bank account at the end of the month. You could make money on Addynamo through your website as a publisher or through your Twitter followers. You make money on Addynamo through a sponsored tweets and get paid directly into your bank account when you reach the payment threshold.

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5. Classified Ads : you can get paid directly into your bank account through classified ads site like craiglist, kijiji, ebay, clickbank etc. You make money from these site by listing a service you render or an item you want to sell. Potential buyers pay directly into your bank account. Placing an ads on these site works well only if you have a good service you can render for money.

6. Sales of Ebook :  a good and reliable way of making money into an a bank account is through the sales of an Ebook. You could convert a post into a pdf file and design a simple sales page, people order for such ebook only if the topic will add solve a problem or add value, then they pay into your bank account for such.

7. Sell a Service : a good way to make money into a bank account is to sell your service. You can sell your service online or offline and get paid directly into your bank account. For instance, i make money as a web hosting reseller or i help pay for domain name and registration and many more. 

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More tips on how to make money directly into a bank account will be posted in the next post where we will be discussing more on how to make money directly into a bank account any where in the world.

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