3 Sites that Pays Using Social Networks

Do know that you could use the social networks to make money into your Paypal or bank account by performing just a simple task while you enjoy the media.
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Everyone knows Facebook and Twitter remains the best social networks in the world.You could choose to make money from them or keep enjoying the fun at leisure.

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These 3 sites below are top earn money while you enjoy your activities on the Social Networks. You will make money through the numbers of Facebook friends, Facebook Likes or Twitter Followers. You will contacted advertisers who wants you to post a link to your Facebook fans or Twitter followers and get paid.

Top Sites that Pays You for Social Networks

1. Sponsoredtweets : this a site that allows you to make money by tweeting a links from advertisers to your Twitter followers. This site connect you to advertisers that are ready to pay for Sponsored Tweets. You select the keyword and get paid for the Tweets.

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2. Mylikes      :  this site helps web or media publishers to earn cash just by sharing a sponsored content with your audience, generate traffic and start making money. Your huge number of Facebook fans could easily earn you some cash using this site.

3. Addynamo : this is a site that pay publishers or website owners to make money through sponsored tweets from advertisers. The addynamo works based on the numbers of twitter followers the publisher has and make money by tweeting to their followers.

These are 3 simple way to earn money while using a preferred social networks. Feel free to visit the sites, read their terms and start making from them through your tweets or Facebook likes.


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