10 Most Popular Female Blogger for 2013

This post shows the list of highly rated female bloggers of 2013 and their blog rank as well as their blog earnings. Many people believes that what a man can do, a woman can do better even in the world of Blogging and making money.

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Blog: www.lifehacker.com
Alexa Rank: sixty two5
Niche: self-reformation
gina trapani The lady WHO has created it to the highest ten richest bloggers of the planet is that the owner of Life hacker. the positioning has continually been a concept on behalf of me wherever the most focus is given to however really one will improve his temperament. Gina is a lively social journalger and therefore the foundation editor of her blog. She earns concerning $110,000 a month along with her blogging skills.

2) Rita McGrath
Blog: Harvard Business Review journal Network
Alexa Rank: 4068
Niche: promoting
  Rita started her journal in 1994 as a not-for-profit journal with AN aim of up the follow of management and its impact within the dynamic  world. though ab initio the journal centered on Hardvard University solely, currently the journal has become a corporation wherever there ar thirty staff, having offices in ny town, Asian nation and GB.

3) Ree Drummond
Blog:  The Pioneer girl
Alexa Rank: seven,645
Niche: Food
Ree Drummond
When it involves combination some ingredients and creating the simplest out of it, the Pioneer girl has no comparisons. whether or not you're a {housewife|homemaker|lady of the house|woman of the house|wife|married girl} or a business woman, your interest in cookery are some things most evident. Ree Drummond provides all what you would possibly be searching for in food on her journal that is wide followed across the world.

4) Heather & Jessica
Blog: Go fog Yourself
Alexa Rank: eighteen,000
Niche: Fashion and elegance
heather and jessica
Heather & Jessica are keeping AN eagle’s eye on each move taken within the industry to share it all with their readers. an honest website to follow.

5) Jenny Lawson
Blog: The Bloggess
Alexa Rank: twenty eight,433
Niche: Humor
Jenny Lawson
If you're searching for some nice fun to laugh on, you need to visit Jenny’s journal. The journal contains each facet of life, giving it a replacement bit, creating it screaming. the positioning features a comparatively sensible traffic rank within the cities of Hartford and Washington (DC).

6) Julie, Janet, Francesca, & Sarah
Blog:  Remodelista
Alexa Rank: 31172
Niche: style
remodelista team
If you're searching for a platform to find out a lot of concerning interior coming up with and need give|to present|to administer|to allow|to convey|to grant|to relinquish} your home a replacement look; then this website can provide you some tight ideas to follow.

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7) Sara K. Smith
Blog: Wonkette
Alexa Rank: thirty two,975
Niche: Politics
sara k. smith
Women were ne'er behind within the field of politics and Sara Smith has established it through her work. Wonkette could be a common political website closely-held by this feminine blogger. The journal covers all the highlights and latest policy making

8) Ariel grassland Stallings
Blog: kinky Bride
Alexa Rank: fifty,404
Niche: Fashion
Offbeat Bride is hottest web site for brid
es WHO dare to steer off the overwhelmed aisle. the positioning is all concerning fashion, advice, photos, and a lot of for couples WHO suppose otherwise concerning their weddings. the positioning is viewed by over one hundred seventy,000 distinctive guests a month and has over one.2 million page views every month.

9) Martina Zavagno
Blog: Adverblog
Alexa Rank: 62,968
Niche: promoting
martina zavagno
Matrina is functioning as AN corporate executive in AN integrated promoting firm and is quite willing to share all her information along with her readers through her journal.

10) Danielle LaPorte
Blog: White Hot Truth
Alexa Rank: seventy three,342
Niche: stigmatisation
Danielle Laporte
She’s positive, slightly religious, avant, and absolutely facing the likelihood of each day, that is maybe why such a lot of folks communicate her for steering on however they will expand their brands, their campaigns, their work, and their minds!

The year is gradually running to an end a world and this female blogger are making it big in Blogging and Make Money Online world.

You too can start blogging today and start from making money from your Blog now. Thank for reading Earn Online
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