WPLOL – A Damnlol WordPress Clone Theme

Damnlol has been a very big name in the blogging themes industry and has reached many milestones with its subscribership. There are huge number of fans craving to apply this popular theme to their photo sharing website and gain more popularity and praise. It basically is a funny pictures blogging website theme that has gained the taste of the people. Therefore today a majority of the bloggers and users want this as their website theme.

Talking of clones, there are many developers who have managed to clone the Damnlol script and make similar looking themes and layouts. Out of them WPLOL has emerged out to be one of the best and finest. It has been developed by wptit and has been running high since its launch. Though there are many technicalities involved in cloning and replicating a WordPress theme, but wptit has done a great job in making the best Damnlol clone ever.

Now for all those bloggers out there who wish their websites to wear this theme, wplol serves a great option. It is worth considering and giving a try. It is available at very reasonable and easy rates so that all admiring individuals can actually afford and buy it. This article also highlights the main features of Wplol and about its resemblance with Damnlol.
There are a lot of new features and possibilities enabled in this theme. Here are a few of them:
  1. Two layouts
There is a provision of choosing how the homepage must look like. It can either display a single post by default or alternatively a list of posts just like it was in the older WordPress. So this gives the user a couple of different layouts to avoid monotonicity.
  1. Powerful Slider
The theme allows addition of WordPress gallery Shortcode and it would be facilitated with a powerful slider for easy navigation. Each post has its own slider, but this option can always be disabled when editing the post in any way.
  1. Keyboard Shortcuts
The keyboard can be used to do it all. There are various shortcuts which are supported by this theme and one can use the keyboard like a boss.
  1. Advertisements ready
There are three ads places ready in this theme. They are top header, Post bottom and Sidebar thereby creating more scope for ads and in turn more revenue.
  1. Facebook friendly
There are two forms in which a comment can be posted. One is Facebook comment and the other WordPress standard comment form.
  1. Widgets ready
There are a lot of widgets which are thoroughly supported by this theme. Some of them are Flicker Widget, Author Info Widgets, 125X125 Ads Widget, BuySellAds Widgets, Tweet Widgets and much more.
  1. Recommended Plugins
Along with all the additional features, there are a few plugins which are strongly recommended for a splendid website. They are Watermark My image, Meme Generator and View Own Posts Media Only.
Thus it is clear that WPLOL has not left any scope of complains and has created a revolutionary clone of the famous DamnLOL theme of WordPress. It has it all to go places and would surely be welcomed with open hands by the users and bloggers.


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