How to post an Article on the Internet

You could post your well written articles on the Internet using this simple tips we are about to explain briefly as you read on.

online articlePosting your article on the internet is a good way to spread your writing skills and also become a popular writer all over online. Your articles can be posted to the internet in many ways and you can also make money from the popularity of your articles online.

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5 Ways to Post Articles Online for free

1. Blog your articles : blogging is a good way to spread your articles on the internet either for free or for money. You could build a free blog using blogger or wordpress and begin to write and post your articles on your free blog. Your blog could become your online journal where you keep your articles for your readers to see.

2. Social Networks : the social networks like Facebook or Twitter remains the biggest social networks where you could easily spread your articles. You need to tweet your article link or share your article link on Facebook which may attract likes or recommendation from people.

3. Affiliate Site : your could paste the page of your article on affiliate networks like Amazon, Clickbank, Commission Junction etc for people to order and read

4. Website : you could post your article on the internet by designing an official website for it using a reliable web hosting and domain name registration services and get traffic to the site using free or paid advertising networks like Facebook ads, Google adword, stumbleupon ads or yahoo ads.

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5. Article submission Directories : this is a free way to get your article across to million of people online. Just sign up with some article directories like ezinearticles, triond, hubpages, ezine, triond and many more. Your original articles will be posted on their site with high traffic

Many more ways to post Article will be posted in our next blog post, you could make a comment below if you have a question or suggestion on this topic on "how to post Articles on the Internet" and we will be glad to respond to you.

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