How to make money online with Kontera

images of konteraBased on reviews from Blogs, forums, Groups and other official website, Kontera seems to be amongst the best alternative to Google Adsense which allows publishers i.e website owners to make money from their ads.

Kontera is another way to earn with website by activating and displaying relevant ads Kontera advertisers on your website.

Kontera provides publishers with incremental advertising revenues from their mobile or PC web pages.  Kontera specializes in bringing highly relevant content and information from brands, and as a result our ads are often viewed as native ads that are least disruptive to the consumer experience.

Must Read how to make money with website

Making money with Kontera is just as simple as making money with Google Adsense or Addynamo, it requires your website traffic and you earn from any valid clicks from your ads. Many publishers and work at home individuals claims that this site pay high and they've just been paid this month earnings by kontera.
How to Earn with Kontera

1. Visit Kontera publisher sign up
2. Register with Kontera.
3. Read their terms and condition.
4. Fill the publisher info guide.
5. Select your Payment method i.e paypal, check or bank payment.
6. Paste your ads codes to see live ads

Kontera enable you to earn cash by displaying high-quality ads on your website with features like robust targeting, huge advertisement pool, greater control, customization and nice web/mobile ads display. Many see Kontera as a good way to make money aside Google Adsense.

Place Kontera on your site to make money with your website if you don't have Google Adsense, but if you have Adsense, you can place both on the same blog to make extra money.

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