How to get U.S Bank Account Using Infolinks

This post explains briefly on how to get a United State Bank Account online for legitimate online or offline transactions using Infolinks
US Bank account with payoneer

You could actually get a U.S Bank account from infolinks if you are a website owner or not. If you are a website owner and you need a foreign bank account like the United State current account, then follow the step below and get your US Bank account approve with Infolinks.

How to Get a United State Bank Account with Infolinks

1. Register with Infolinks as a publisher.

2. Get their text codes an add it on your blog, where you get an email waiting for approval

3. You will get an email of Account Approval and Infolinks ads begin to display on your site.

4.  then head over to your Infolink dashboard and edit your payment method.

5. Choose payment by Payoneer where the page redirect you to Payoneer sign up page.

6. Carefully follow the sign up process with a working email with a name and password.

7. After few days, you get a confirmation email from Payoneer of acceptance which allow you to upload your valid International ID

8. After a confirmatory message, a United State checking account will be created in your name with a valid Routine Number but pending approval

9. Then a date of shipment of your payoneer card will be sent to you through email.

10. Your united State Checking account is ready for use which can be linked with Paypal.

This step described above is a simple way to get a US Bank account using Infolinks.

NOTE : If you are not a website owner and you need a US Bank account, then go to blogger or wordpress, create a free website and register with Infolinks.. Follow the steps of getting a US Bank Account as explained above and you have it. Thanks


  1. its does not cost anything because its free....just to paste the codes and chane the payment settings to payoneer


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