How to Become a Product Tester Through Internet

Many people often ask questions on how they could become an product tester through their activities online and i gave different ways to which one could get some stuffs sent directly to one's address for user rating.
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I will showing two ways on how to become a product tester through my internet activities where a got a new Andriod Phone and other electronic gadgets delivered to my doorstep.

2 Ways to Become a Product Tester

1. From Surveys : i got a product delivered to my doorstep while participating in some sure surveys i qualified for but never believed my eyes when i participated in a particular survey which ask if i would like to test the Phone to get some user review before going viral. I quick to realize that some survey site can also be a good product tester site. After participating in some legitimate surveys from legitimate sites, you could be offered a product to test which ranges from household equipments, electronics, computers, drinks, food etc

Must Read Top 3 Legitimate Survey Site that Pays

2. uTest : Utest a site that give out product to test to get feedback. uTtest offers a range of testing types for the web, desktop and mobile apps of any sized organization. Choose which type of testing you need and let’s chat about the cost, your schedule and what uTest delivers for companies like yours.
 Functional testing services to help ensure your applications function as intended. Our services related to functional testing include exploratory testing, test case execution, test case creation and writing automated test scripts.

Security testing services : this is to help you avoid launching products with common security and privacy vulnerabilities. Services include tools-based static and dynamic security testing, as well as manual penetration from trusted, white-hat security testers.

> Load testing  this is to make sure your app is ready for peak traffic, and that performance won't degrade under heavy load. Services include live load, simulated load and a hybrid load offering that combines cloud-based load testing with live testers.

> Localization testing : this is to validate that your app is saying what you think it's saying. Services include translation validation from native speakers who live in-market, as well as full L10N testing that covers content translations, currency, taxes, shipping options and more.

> Usability testing : this is to help you launch products that are intuitive, clean and achieve high conversions. Services include surveys-based testing with targeted focus groups (by age, gender, education, hobbies, location, etc) or usability audits from one of our UX experts.  Visit Utest for more info.

Take your time try the product testing site explained above and see some of the new product developed by big companies delivered to your doorsteps for rating.

Note : your location matters but if you are residing in the United State, Canada, Uk and Europe can easily get access to this product testing services.

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