How Frequent Intimacy Earn More Money

I was surfing round the internet on ways to make more money when i saw a Research Result showing that people who had intimacy frequently can make more money than other who do not have it frequently.

An Economics lecturer, Drydakis, who came up with a research at Business School of Cambridge, England quickly concluded based on result from surveys that people who had intimacy four to five times a week are liable to make more money than others.

Drydakis Research indicate that frequent intimacy tends to make people Happier in Business and jobs, Better reasoning at work/ Business, and are less depressed.

The researcher also added that, people who have more physical intimacy have high productivity and are happy working and making money either online or offline.

The Researcher gave report that more intimacy could lead to more earnings in wages and profit. The more intimacy, the more healthier and more money earned.

The Rich and successful Entrepreneurs have more desirability in the dating and relationship market due to their earnings and wealth.

Drydakis who made the research concluded that people who have intimacy too often are more stronger healthy people because they worry less about any drop in earnings thereby making them to be more productive.

I can't say i disagree with these claims because there are so many factors that determines motivation at work and not only intimacy alone.

Its left for our readers to give their opinions about this topic or other means they make money. Thanks for reading Earn Online


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