Abstract Photography : An Artisitic Creation

photographyAbstract photography connects the observer with the object and creates an emotional and sensitive affiliation between the object and the onlooker. It gives much significance to the feeling of how an object looks like rather than recognizing the subject.Abstract photography does not represent the subject in a literal way it interconnects mainly through form, color, and curves rather than image detail. If the viewer’s sees the image and unable to understand it and concentrate more on the image then it means the image has involved the observers and forced them to think out of the box while they can apply their own interpretations to the photo as well. 

In other words abstract photography is open to any kind of interpretations and gives you a wide chance to think and it further challenges your perception as well.
The question arises why abstract photography? When you have so many other photography options then

 why abstract photography? 

Abstract photography is somewhat different from other forms of photography like expressive photography is about conveying the outward expressions of inward states. On the other hand nature photography gives much significance to the capturing of harmony of nature through structure, organization and visual characteristics of the elements. And In architectural photography the images must be captured correctly so that photography of architecture and places becomes an artwork that is both fascinating and striking

In Abstract photography the images that a photographer captures are not just the plane pictures they rather convey numerous hidden and metaphorical meanings that perfectly depict the mental state of a photographer at the time of taking the picture. Abstract images could be very powerful and they can be taken anywhere which means that a photographer can capture abstract images right at home or in his immediate surroundings as well. Abstract art is about the creativity of the snapper rather than the object as the photographer could get the inspiration from an empty desolated building, or a bead, water droplet, bottle, glass of water and the like. 

In order to create a coherent abstract image the significant elements to keep in mind are: Unity of the whole piece, Harmony of the overall theme and removal of the unnecessary elements, overall control of color, patterns, textures, Angels, Proximity (distance from the subject) , tonal variation, curves, geometry, focus and depth of field, blur, expression of movement, form and shape. 

The understanding of the abstract image depends upon the aesthetic sense and how successfully an observer could thing out of the box. In abstract photography the image can’t always be pleasing for the viewer as on occasions the arrangement can be aimed at shock or concern or any of a range of uncomfortable emotions. Ugliness and disorder has place in art and photographer always plays the part to show these things in the images.

Abstract photography provides us the glass through which we can see abstract images that could easily become the test of our aesthetic sense and perception.

About the Author:
James Anderson writes about the beauty of abstract photography and how a photographer challenges your perception while emotionally connecting you with the subject. He also loves to write about canvas prints uk


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