7 Things to Avoid When Sharing Photos on Instagram

Instagram is a popular online Photo and video sharing site as well as an online photo storage site where pictures of people and celebrity are posted for people to see.
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Many people also see Instagram as a photo sharing site where they could share unnecessary pictures which they might not know it annoys their Instagram followers. Below are things that should be avoided when sharing photos on Instagram.

7 Things to Avoid When Sharing Photos on Instagram

1.  Indecent Photos : many find fun in sharing photos of them when naked on during physical intimacy. They forget to realize that those they are sharing can spread throughout the internet thereby bringing their moral values low in some instance.

2. Photo of Bikinis : sharing a beach pics or bikinis should be avoided on Instagram even if the Instagram user is beautiful. Even the celebrity photos may not show bikini most times.

3.  Body Shape/Six Packs : sharing photos of one body on Instagram may not make any sense since some of those pic are crawled by search engines to be distributed around the internet. I think such pictures should be avoided on this social network.

4. Fight Pictures  :  maybe you are involved in a fight or you witness a violence screen, you may not need to share such photos on Instagram. Many violent photos are should be shunned on Instagram.

5. Huge Text : Instagram is suppose to be a photo sharing site and not an article or document sharing site, too many text posted on Instagram may not usually get feedback from Instagram Followers.

6. Paycheck : lately, i saw a user posted screenshots of his paycheck from company and see this as a wrong use of Instagram. Many of such Screenshot are used by online scam guys for fraud or the company may frown at such photo

7. Photo of Dangerous Substance : a well known celebrity posted Photos on her Instagram page showing her smoke and other dangerous drugs, this photos annoyed many of her fans and she was forced to remove such images frm her Instagram wall. Why should someone post such pictures? Its bad.

Consider some of the points discussed above about posting Photos on your Instagram wall and let your pics be in moderation for better usage of the site.

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