2 Ways to Make Money Tweeting

This is a post which explains two(2) sure ways to make money Tweeting though one's Twitter account. Since many people who has lot of Twitter followers and enjoy tweeting for fun, but you could decide to make money with your own tweets.
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Twitter is one of the Best social networks in the world with fast growing population in the number of Twitter followers.

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Tweeting for fun is good but make money Tweeting is much more better because it pays while you enjoy the social networks. If you have a good number of Twitter followers, then this steps on how to make money Tweeting is good for you.

How to Make Money Tweeting
1. Sponsored tweets

SponsoredTweets is an online marketplace that allows you to connect directly with advertisers to engage in sponsored conversations through Twitter. Advertisers compensate you with cash in exchange for a sponsored tweet.
                                         How it Works

  • Set Your Price
All you need to get started is to set your price, add a category and some keywords then wait for offers to roll in from Advertisers.
  • ..Choose your offers
As offers come in you can accept or reject them
  •     . Receive Payment
If you accept an offer, your account will be credited within 24 hours of your tweet. You can cash out once your account reaches $50. Visit Sponsoredtweets for more

2. Addynamo :  Addynamo is an Online advertising program which allow users to register as an advertisers or publisher. To make money with Tweets, you will need to register as a publisher with addynamo, follow the simple process of registration and then add a website or blog site.

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After registering and choosing your payment option, you can then integrate your Twitter account with your addynamo account. Many Addynamo advertisers pays for Sponsored Tweets from the publisher, you get paid and make money based on the advertiser fees per tweet if accepted.

Note : you can only make money Tweeting with Addynamo only if the advertiser accept your bid and money will be deposited into your account instantly upon confirmation of the tweets.

These are the 2 sure ways to make money tweeting a sponsored post to your Twitter Followers. Thanks.


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  2. you welcome, we will always provide more money making info


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