11 Bad Habit Acquired Using an Iphone

The advent of Iphone which brings lot of interesting apps and packages seems to be affecting the characters of people which some called phone addiction.

Many change in characters and habit has been recorded for people using Iphone as well as acquiring some strange habit which needs to change while enjoying their Iphone. Some Iphone addict exhibit addition such as,

1. Texting with their iphone while in the toilet

2. The first thing they see when they wake up from sleep is their Iphone

3. Taking photos of everything they see using their iphone

4. Browsing and scrolling on Iphone even on Traffic or while Driving.

5. Staring at Iphone Screen too often during meals

6. Believing too much on Iphone Maps instead of physical direction

7. Listening to music and forgetting the head phone permanently on ear.

8. Spending too much money on Apple store buying Iphone apps which you may decide to change in the next minutes.

9. Serious addiction to Angry Birds may be unhealthy.

10. Even in the class, banking all, church, meeting or at any available space, you tend to charge your Iphone.

11. Making calls while charging the phone can lead to death.

We are not writing this to dictate your phone habit or how to handle your Iphone but we are only giving out extreme habit which may be unhealthy to you.

Remember every addiction is bad and you need to change for the better while you enjoy your Iphone or Ipad and don't try to make phone calls while making calls with your Iphone.


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