7 Uncommon Businesses That makes Money

The intention of this post is to give Good Business ideas that makes more money. For anyone hoping to start a business or small business, there are some business that make money and which people never really consider as a good business.

Uncommon Businesses That Make Huge Money 

1. Food Sales : food business is not really a dull business but a business that brings money. Selling food is a good business ideas for people who know how to do then business. It can be done selling real food, snacks or some fruit.

2. Rent : this is another good business which can be carried out either on a small scale or large scale. Hiring a car, House, Bike, Truck, Kitchen etc are business that make money nowadays. Rent Business is considered a good business to make money.

3. Phone Accessories : people will always buy phone accessories like battery, earphone, phone casing, phone cover, wallet etc. This is one of the best business that brings real cash.

4. Toys : i never knew selling or importation/exportation of toys really pays until i went to a shopping mall to get one and i saw i cost and expensive it is. I then considered importing and selling these toys which work perfect even on a small scale in my street.

5. Car Accessories : business involving the sales of car accessories also is a good business idea. Selling car accessories e.g car radio make money like any other business.

6. Ink Sale : Ink sale is also an uncommon business which people never involve themselves in. We do many print on computers which involve the use of ink cartridge or ink refill. I wonder the bottle of printer ink a buy weekly based on the service i render.

7. Skills : one's skill is usually the best way to make money. Without having experience in a particular field, it will be difficult to start any kind of business where lack knowledge about. Get more skills and use it to start a business or render a service to make money.

We've been able to post some uncommon business that make money and are discussed above. We will be posting more Uncommon but reliable business that make more money later. Keep your fingers cross and start a small business to make money. Thanks.


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