10 Things to do With an Idle Fund

Do you have an Idle fund and you don't really know what to do with it or how to earn with your idle fund, this post is good for you because we will be listing some good business and earning tips for your idle money.

idle fundKeeping your money in the bank is the best thing to do in order to keep the money but there are other things you can do to earn from your idle money instead of keeping it in the bank.

How to Earn with Idle Fund

1. You need not keep the fund in the bank but to INVEST the money

2. Instead of keeping the cash, you could buy stocks

3. You could invest in real estate or properties even if you need to start small.

4. You could do importation of cheap Smartphones or computers and resale

5. You could import cars and start selling the cars

6. You can make money from you idle fund only if you get working with it by buying

7. You could invest in transport and haulage business

8. Instead of keeping the fund idle, why not start small scale Agriculture like fish farming

9. You could make your money work for you by buying Treasury Bills

10. Your Idle money could be used to buy ladies/ guys wears as well as household materials for sale

This is just few ways by which your money get working and not remain idle in the bank. Think about this, invest your cash and see how it works.

It might be difficult at first but i bet you that the smarter you are in business, the more money you earn. Thanks for reading.


  1. nice post and somewhat interesting. the bank sucks and invest the money we saved


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