10 Interesting Things About the Rich

In the quest to become rich, i read lot of motivational books by successful Entrepreneurs as well as their way of life. I recently concluded that with the some facts which are posted below.
The Rich Mn
There are many interesting things about the Rich and successful people which seems funny to me maybe as an average class but i believe this same attitude can also work for people who want to become rich too.

10 Things the Rich DO

1. They are Happy People : the rich seems not to worry even if they are losing on stock or investment unlike when the average or the poor begins to worry at any slight shortage of fund/money or loss in profit.

2. The Rich Gains from the Poor : the Rich and Business mogul often take advantages of the poor to earn more money because they tend to invest more on what the public need thereby getting more cash returns on their investment.

3. The Rich are Risk Taker : The rich are the biggest risk taker, their ways of investment could be so risky as seen by the poor but they earn more from their risk taken investment.\

4. The Rich are never Satisfied : i learnt that the Rich are never satisfied with their jobs, investment, stocks, earnings etc. The Rich don't usually get satisfied even if they are earning surpasses the expected earnings. The Rich tends to get more in form of investment and earnings even in their job

5. The Rich are less likely affected by Minimum Wage : increase or decrease in minimum wage or salaries don't usually affect the Rich because the Rich believe so much on their wealth and wouldn't want the middle class to catch up with them.

6. The Rich don't joke with time : the Rich don't usually joke with their time because they believe time is money. All they think is about making money while the time goes round\

7. The Rich spend less : i never knew the rich don't really spend money on unnecessary things like their poor counterpart. Instead, the spend more on investment or materials that can make money even if they don't need it anymore. Imagine a rich man buying a Bugatti, the Rich an equally sell that if he/she no longer needs it

8. It is easier for the Rich to become Citizen : the Rich finds it easy to become the citizen of a particular country e.g Its easy for a Billionaire or Business Mogul to become an American or United Kingdom Citizen fast.

9. They Think Rich : one thing i like about the Rich is that they  think big, rich and are always positive in reasoning. They do thing big and always aim for the best even in earnings and investments.

10. The Rich Believe the Internet is theirs : the Rich see the internet as a market place to advertise their brand and get known all over the world through paid ads like Facebook ads, Google ads, Yahoo ads, Addynamo etc while the middle class finds means of entertainment from the internet and also to make money from it.

These are few interesting things you may not know about the Rich. These tips are killer tips to becoming Rich like the wealthy people. The Rich see things differently and they avoid wastage of resources.

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  1. Don't forget that the #Rich also cry too......haha

  2. I see, I learnt and I grab dis points wella

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