On Facebook Dislike Box

pics of facebook dislike buttonMany internet users are familiar with Facebook which still remains the biggest social network in the world with over a Billion users. Facebook has various button which makes it interesting and interactive, such button which includes the Facebook Like Box or Facebook Like Button. This widget encourage interaction and feedback from users.

But recently, Facebook admin are beginning to consider adding a Facebook Dislike Button on their site which will be installed in the coming month.

Facebook believe that the Facebook Dislike Button will enable its user tell if they don't want a particular story, video, post or pics. Since, the Facebook like button enable users voice out their thought in terms of likeness on a particular topic but believes the Facebook Dislike box can also give feedback to Facebook

Although Facebook is built on positivity but this Facebook dislike box will also tell about the possible dislike of anything from users.

As a site owner, i believe the Facebook Dislike Button will bring feedback on what is good or what topic should be adjusted to bring better Traffic to a site.

What do you think about this Facebook Dislike Box?


  1. This is surely a great information for any webmasters.Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I'd love it if they really add the Dislike button. Can't wait! Thanks for sharing this info!

  3. exactly, I thought as much..thanks for d comments


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