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make money with bloggingAre you wondering how you can make money online Blogging? Well there are various ways to legally make money online writing articles, it depends on your writing skills and your interest in writing as well as things you have passion in writing on. There is no short cut to success as we all know making money is not easy, writing needs both hard work and determination as well as commitment without it affecting your education if your are a student or your job if you already have one already.

As i said earlier there are various ways to make money online but when it comes to Blogging, you can start with Niche Blogging, Private Blogging and Business Blogging,
there are some websites where you can register as affiliate, get their codes, paste it on your blog site and start making money. Although it might not be easy at first to be a successful blogger but blogging pays with time which is based on the traffic from your blog.

As a Blogger,  you can choose your own niche or areas of blogging interest, and you not need to follow other peoples work.You can also write high profile and professional stuffs on your site and get traffic from social networks, search engines, social bookmarking site etc  in which you will be paid based on the pay-per-click program you registered with. A good of amount of people reading your article in a specific given number of month gives your site a reliable traffic.

Blogging can be done on free platforms like blogspot, wordpress or self hosted.You need to understand that blogging takes time and traffic to earn from it. If you can get original and quality post on your blog, then you are free to get affilaite codes from programs like

 1. Google Adsense,
 2. Addynamo,
 3. Yahoo ads,
 4.  Media Net, 
 5.  AdclickMedia, 
 6. Clickbank

and many more

But if you are a student, undergraduate or unemployed and you have always dream of working online and getting paid into your bank account, then the best site i can guarantee for you to write and get paid online is for you to create your own blog and you can make a lot of money from blogging. Before you can start a blog, it requires little money to set up your blog, registration for a domain name as well as hosting space.

This may be a great option for you if you have knowledge of some specific niche and if you also know how to promote a blog. you can also make money from the advertisement placed in your blog and you can earn commission on marketing and selling products. As soon as your blog becomes popular and you start to have have regular readers for your articles, you can achieve your aim, but if you don't know how to promote a blog it maybe a little bit difficult.

If you are stranded and want to start a blog, if you are lost and don't know how to get started, you can check out my Blogging Tips.

Note : Blogging requires no special programming skills or web design skill but only your internet connected device/computer and begin to post your works, skills, area of expert, experience etc. Blogging is simply "if you can think it, then you can blog it"

Keep your finger cross on different ways to make money blogging. Better still, you may surf round this site for other online money making tips. Thanks for reading.


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  2. Blogging the best way to earn money the main advantage of blogging that you don't have to invest a single penny to earn money through it.

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  4. Thanks for the comment, i now understand how to blog well now and make money


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