15 Signs for Twitter Addiction

signs for twitter addictionGetting addicted to various activities online is a little risky to health and other issues. Many people are addicted to Twitter which is the biggest and fast risen social network in the world aside Facebook.

There are many signs that shows one is been addicted to Twitter just like one could be addicted to Facebook . Check the following Twitter addiction to know if you are Twitter addict.

15 Signs That Shows You are a Twitter Addict

1. When you login to your account several times a day

2. When you wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is to check mentions, followers or messages from Twitter followers

3. When you sleep side by side with phone to check twitter updates

4. When you have over 200k Twitter followers and in real life you have few friends

5. Even during intimacy, you tend to grab phone for Twitter updates

6. When all you think about is mainly on how to get traffic from Twitter

7. When you stand at the middle of road or highway to check Twitter updates or Twitter followers trends

8. When you surf through twitter while walking

9. When you post, check, read Twitter updates while working

10. Even while eating, you begin to follow twitter trends on phone or computer

11. When you begin to get worried about Twitter things on any slightly loss phone or computer

12. When you begin to think at any slightly loss or reduction in Twitter followers

13. When all you do in a place of worship is to surf round Twitter updates or followers.

14.  When Twitter site is down, you get worried or when Twitter apps is not working well on device.

15. When you get worried at no responds on any post, links, pics etc on your Twitter wall

As wee know that getting addicted to social networks might be too risky but it could be corrected because Twitter addict or Twitter addiction may cause more harm than good. Please say no to Twitter addiction. Thanks for reading Earn Online


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