15 Advantages of Using Yahoo Answers

pics of yahoo answersWhile surfing the internet, i recently noticed that the best place i got most questions i asked online where gotten from Yahoo Answers. Yahoo Answers is a yahoo program where you post any question and within few minutes, you get life and reliable answers.

If i could not get human responds from Google or other website, then i use Yahoo Answers to find a solution. Below is a list of the advantages of using Yahoo Answers ;

1. You will get answers to questions using Yahoo Answers
2. You become smarter and intelligent when you read other answers from intelligent people.
3. It reduces the stress of surfing round the internet to get solutions
4. It encourages interaction between people of other race o country
5. It can help improve your use of english
6. It helps to find intelligent friends online
7. You have the option of selecting the best answers
8.  Yahoo Answer users treats you with some kind of respect online
9. Yahoo Answer can enable you to make some advert of website, blog, product etc when giving answers to questions.
10. You get help in some very difficult areas of questions
11. You could get latest update of news or information about anything using yahoo answers
12. You get to understand everything about your question
13. You tend to make money answering questions on yahoo answers
14.  you can also receive a job offer based on your profile when you give the best answers
15. You can easily share your insight based on any topics on yahoo answers

These are the few advantages i get using Yahoo Answers which i believe you can also get using Yahoo. Feel free to get more reviews online for this program and its advantages. Thanks for reading Earn Online


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