10 Reasons to Use Yahoo Messenger

yahoo messengerYahoo Messenger is the largest and popular Online chatting and communication service mostly used in the world. Yahoo Messenger allow users to to chat for, voice calls, video chat, group chat, private chat, web cam and also free video chats. Yahoo Messenger find its use in many parts of the world and it has remained the biggest chatting apps .
Advantages of  Yahoo Messenger

Apart from the free web camera chat on Yahoo Messenger, it also has other advantages like the ability to integrate other social apps like Facebook or Twitter apps

1. Messaging Services/videos : you could make instant text messages or video calls/chat to any network all over the world using Yahoo Messenger. Yahoo Messenger offers free video services and instant text messages just like a local phone services.

2. Face to Face Communication : Yahoo Mesenger allows facial communication i.e, you see the friends or families you are talking to face-to-face via web camera and not like the usual way when you send emails or ordinary voice call

3. Chat : Yahoo Messenger  is also used to chat either as individual or as a group. you could chat or communicate with any body in the world or at long distance just like Facebook.

4. Secure Communication : Yahoo Messenger as been tested and proven to be a secure way of communication. Yahoo Messenger guarantees the security or contact information of the user even online.

5. Free services : Yahoo Messenger allows additional free services like file sharing, music,video downloads etc

6. Transfer Services : Yahoo Messenger also have a service which allows users to transfer files from one device to another

7. Social Networks : Yahoo Messenger can also be used as a social network like Facebook or Twitter but it has a more wider apps than the social networks because privacy policy, security issues, circle etc have been controlled.

8. Events  : Yahoo Messenger  has been used politically, Officially, Privately etc by people or Government of different countries to communicate with the citizens. It means you can use Yahoo Messenger to spread political event, sporting events, news, entertainment etc

9. . Online Services : you could also use Yahoo Messenger for various Business or Online services because it provides a free environment for your Business operation and information dissemination

10.  Photo Sharing : Yahoo Messenger allows free online photo sharing services which makes it a good apps and cannot be under-looked despite the advent of some new online chatting apps like whatsapp

Yahoo Messenger  is irresistible due its free chats, free video chat, free web cam and face to face communication. Why not sign up, complete your registration to see claims mentioned above

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