Top 7 Money Making Ideas for Teenagers

What is expected of a teenager is to get good education and be productive, but the current world activities also permits young youth to earn money either online or offline. It pays to allow the teenagers how to make money than waste their precious time on the internet just chatting with friends.
how to make money as a teenager
Below is list of things teenager can do to make money for themselves and still maintains their Academics programs.

1. Baby Sitting : teenagers can make money engaging in baby sitting. Baby sitting permit young people to make money by earning salary or wages. It tends to help teenagers read well for exams as well as earn cash

2. Saving up : its is important for teenagers to know they can make money by saving up some cash generated from work, friends or relatives. Teenagers are encouraged to save excess cash which may be useful to them later.

3. Skills : Teenagers can also earn money using their skills. Skills such as football skills, music, songs, programming, arts, craft etc can earn teenagers some cash.

4. Expensive Gadgets : many teenagers forget to know that expensive gadget like Ipads, Andriods, tablets, laptops may cost them lot of money to acquire but instead but instead, they could avoid buying freaking and expensive gadget for pleasure. It waste money.

5. Seek Knowledge : the best money making ideas for teenager is to seek knowledge by attending seminars, learning trade, reading books, starting a business etc. The knowledge  can be aquired either in a formal way or informal.

6. Avoiding alcohol/Drugs : the best way for teenagers to make money is by shunning all form of addiction from alcohol, drugs, tobacco and many more. The money earned and spent on purchase of alcohol and drugs can equally be saved or used for better things.

7. Household Chores : Many teenagers can make money by engaging in some household chores like grass cutting, house cleaning, car washing etc where they get paid for their effort. Household work is a sure way to earn cash.

I believe the teenagers should learn to earn money and shun laziness. The internet is there to learn, make research and not to watch indecency or fraud like other teenagers do. Dear guys, please read through and learn. Thanks for reading Earn Online.


  1. All of those tips are great. I just want to add making their own website or blogging. Teenagers can really earn an extra income by just doing that, especially if they are tech geeks or just a very resourceful person.

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