What are Work at Home Jobs

Work-at-home-jobs are simply various works that can be done from home. Work at home can either be done online or offline. Its a means of making money for the unemployed, entrepreneurs, self employed, business expert, etc

Work at home jobs
Popular work at home jobs that are offline includes Baby Sitting, Baby care, Art, etc while Work at home jobs for the internet are popular called Online Business i.e working and making money online. The various work at home jobs done with the internet are described below

Work at Home Jobs

1. Affiliate Marketing : this is a way to earn cash online simply selling other people product and earning commission
per sale. Picking a product for sale ensures earning base on commission on product picked. Good affiliate sites includes Clickbank, Amason, Ebay, Jumia, etc

2. Article Writing : Some usually make money online writing articles for big website or online article writing site. Some writing jobs are done and paid base on views of such articles or integrating with Adsense earnings like squidoo, hubpages, Triond, Odesk, Elance etc.

3. Blogging : This seems to be the simplest work from home jobs because it can be done anytime, anyday and anywhere so far there is an internet connected phone or computer. Blogging is simply a way of expression on any topic or thought. Although Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme but with time it pays when integrated with Google Adsense, Addynamo, Yahoo ad Netwok etc

4. Soccer Prediction : This method is a way of making money by predicting live scores of matches play any where in the world. It seems to be the fastest way of money with sports. You may Google for about soccer predicting websites.

5. Sponsored post : This entails accepting articles/post of promotion or ads and writing about it on your site. You get paid base on Bargain on both parties before publishing the post on your site.

6. Forex Trading : Forex trading is also work from home jobs which involves currency trading all over the world. It only takes good understanding on how forex work before investing in it.

7. Bulk Sms : It is called work at home jobs because it can be done at home in front of your computer. You could help companies, churches or individuals send bulk sms to their members and getting paid on each.

The few online jobs above are what are usually called Work at home jobs or Work from home jobs. It pays to pick anyone of those and start working online. Thanks for reading Earn Online


  1. am a sit @ home mom reading to work at home. Frm dis article u wrote, am adding dat sport prediction is d fastest to make money but risky

  2. its nice for lovers of sport. Although d fastest but also risky as u have just said

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