Top 3 Richest Countries in the World

Despite the rise in unemployment rate and low standard of living in many countries, some countries seems to be in favour of wealth, good governance and good business environment for investors.

pics of singapore

The top 3 Richest Countries where selected based on GDP per capita and also their performance in the world stock market.

Top 3 Richest Countries

1. Singapore $61,567 per person

2. Norway, $56,663 per person

3. United States, $51,248 per person

 The three countries above are the top richest countries in the world. Singapore maintained the number one spot after a Gdp increase of about 0.7 in the first quarter of the year. The 3 countries namely, Singapore, United state and Norway are the top richest countries in Europe, America and Asia respectively.

Foreign Investor seems to find their way in mass to these countries due to their monetary performance. Thanks for Reading Earn Online


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