Top 10 Chatting Site/Apps

Chatting is a modern way to communicate with Friends, Families, Client, Customers etc via the Internet. Chatting can be done using a mobile phone or pc.
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Chatting can be used as to make new friends, pass information, connect with people, sharing things/ideas, communicate extensively, teach, promote a business and many more. There are good site with lot of advantages only if you will not reveal some personal messages to strangers online

Top 5 Chatting Site/Apps

1. Yahoo chat rooms

2. Facebook Chat

3. Skype Chat

4. G talk

5. Eskimi

6. Nimbuzz

7. Meebo

8. Mchat

9. 2go

10. Ebuddy

The list above are chat site or applications which allows instant messages called chat. You may decide to make your chat beneficial and not enjoy or waste your time on nonsense chat especially with strangers. Chatting is my best relaxation method and also have some nice time with it.

We need to enjoy the benefit/advantages of chatting and not the disadvantages. Thanks for reading.


  1. Pls don't forget to include whatsapp mobile chat apps on the list. Am enjoying it seriously

  2. yea, Whatsapp is #11th on the list now...whatsapp mobile chat apps is free

  3. many times, i get tired of yahoo chat rooms due to indecency guys there, so boring

    1. too much scam nd indecency in most yahoo chat rooms but surely you can always avoid them


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