8 Ways to Avoid Falling for Scam Mails

Just recently, i receive a mail asking me to reset a password from my bank but i easily detected it was actually not from my bank. Does it mean Online Banking or Online transaction has failed?

You only need to step up your online security system using strong password or any other security measures. It will be too bad to fall for phishing mails from online scams and lose your hard earned money.

You get scam mails or phishing mails especially from agent claiming to be your admin manager at online currency exchange site like liberty reserve, Paypal, Payza, perfect money, e-gold etc as well as your Atm Card issuer.

How to Handle Scam Mails

1. Treat any mails form bank or e-currency site with care

2. Do not fall for site requesting for your personal details about bank password or Atm password changes.

3. Do not click on any link or attachments from emails requesting you to do so to access your account e.g no-reply@paypal.com or no-reply@libertyreserve.com

4. Also be careful of message alert on phone claiming to click on any link to access your online banking account.

5. Google about some site that helps point out fraudulent emails.

6. Always try to access your Online payment account or online banking account from a reliable computer or device.

7. Feel free to report any phishing or scam mail to your service provider customer care line or your bank customer care line.

8. Ensure you do not give out your bank or payment site email or password to any website or forum, because some people may sell to fraudster or online scammers

Use the following tips above and you will definitely not fall for scam or phishing mails again. Thanks for reading Earn Online.


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