10 Ways to Protect Your ATM Card

The ATM card is the new new invention which allows users to deposit and withdraw money with their Atm card from any ATM centres. You need to protect your Atm card from fraudsters for good security as well as not to lose your hard earned cash.
pics on how to protect Atm card

Read the following tips listed below on the process on how to protect your Atm card below.

1. Change your password from the old one on the card
2. Frequently, change the password on the Atm card when you notice ant suspicious activity.

3. Keep Atm card carefully.

4. In case of theft or misplacement ,contact your bank immediately.

5. Select recommended and certified Atm Centres in your locality.

6. Beware of who watches your finger at Atm Centres.

7. Keep records of your Bank Transactions.

8. Beware of who stands close to you on the queue when making withdrawals.

9. Confirm if there is no damaged part of the Atm machine or any attached object that tracks user information.

10. Protect the Atm from scratches, magnetic material or water.

We've been able to let you know few ways you can protect your Atm card especially form Atm centres, home, office and public places in General. Thanks for reading Earn Online


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