Why Should we Buy Followers/Fans Online

Just because i want want a huge Twitter Followers and Facebook fans, i join the quest in purchasing Twitter followers and Facebook likes. Its very easy to get millions of Twitter followers or Facebook fans if you have the cash for it.
Buying Facebook likes or Twitter followers

I bought those things to get huge numbers of fans and Twitter followers which i believe can get me more traffic for my website. I was able to register some online advertising website and other PPC site but the traffic only worked for few days.

Just after a while the 50k followers on Twitter reduced drastically to the minimum and the facebook fans were mainly bots. I realized that buying Twitter followers, Instagram or Facebook fans are just :

1. Jokes.
2. Waste of money
3. Buying people to follow me.
4. Fake popularity.
5. For profit that may vanish with time.
6. Short term Facebook traffic
7. Deceit

Buying Twitter followers or Facebook likes might work for some people but it only last a few month and it get back to normal But why not improve on yourself, be creative and original and see how the likes, Fans and Followers will rush to your page. Thanks for reading.


  1. its a simple way to make people think we actually have many fans or for sponsored post. Thanks

  2. everything i bought vanishes within 5month...thats y i post this

  3. This is very common especially if you have something to promote but it's much better to do it in the normal or right way.

  4. Try putting up a sign on your front door which offers a free gift to anybody who 'checks in' on Facebook and tags a friend. They bring up their phone to show they've done it, and you hand them a cupcake or a soda or something. People actually want to do this kind of thing, so you're just providing a reminder and an incentive.

    buy facebook fans

  5. alright, thanks for commenting

  6. Its very easy to get millions of Twitter followers or Facebook fans if you have the cash for it.


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