The Reasons for Online Begging

While surfing the internet, i observed various ways of begging on people's websites, blogs, twitter pages, Facebook pages etc. Online Begging comes in different ways which includes;

online begging1. Begging for #Follow Back on Twitter
2. Begging for friendship on Facebook
3. Paypal Donation Buttton
4. Begging for money online
5. Begging for web-hosting or domain name
6. Begging for used electronics or phones online
And many more.

I see such act as immature when its fake, you could easily put in your best online and make cash with through valuable information and not beg for cash

Some will even fake a war incident, paste it online and begin to seek for cash as a victim. I see this act as childish. Many site owners and bloggers also beg with their website for funds to maintain their site.

Some people see nothing wrong in begging people for support online since they donate to charity and the needy but how many of them really fulfill their promise of donating to charity the earned cash.

I still believe that if you want to seek or beg for fund, why not give something in exchange for such and see how many returns you get on such. Maybe like a free ebook or how to....manual on a product.

When your content is interesting, you don't need to beg for Twitter followers or Facebook like on your page for you to get one. Just be creative and original in your way and post. It works.


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