Real Estate vs Shares

Real Estate and Shares are the 2 common ways to make money by investing . Some expert believes Real Estate investment is the best while other believe buying shares in a reputable firm is highly profitable. We really need to know which gives the best profit.
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Some Facts about Real Estate and Shares.

1. Results from poll shows Stock Market earns on a short term while Real Estate produce profit on a long term.

2. Investors also see Real Estate as physical investment such as land, properties, estate, houses, land etc while shares are invisible and are only confined to financial houses.

3. Some investors also see some stock brokers and stock market as scam market where people can easily be duped of their earning but real estate don't involve in scam.

4. Some also see shares as an investment that can be controlled and operated by the financial firm while real estate price can be control by owner and no need of firm.

5. Stocks are easily affected by global conditions like bankruptcy, bank liquidation, economic meltdown, natural disasters and apex bank policy.

6. Some investors also believe that that returns form real estate is always high compared to the stock profit. For instance, buying a land @ $10,000 and selling it after 5yrs at $100k.

7. Unlike shares, Real Estate are affected by flood prone areas, government project/acquisition, location(rural - urban) 

Both investment types (real estate and shares )are real good ways to invest and earn some profit. It depends on the extent of knowledge each investors has on each. But right now in my country, Real Estate is a sure investment program that yields high over a period of time. thanks for reading.


  1. there is always an element of importance in every information. i like the post

  2. Real Estate investment is better than stock

  3. nice read, that's really big help for me. Keep sharing like these..

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  5. I could not agree A little bit in a hurry, did not get to read everything but will definitely come back later to finish everything. I don’t know if my comment is going to pop up because I’m not very tech savvy, hopefully I can get this right!. a remarkable


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