Photo : World Longest Bus

Pics of world longest bus

This is the image of the world's longest Bus. The triple accordion Auto Tram has four steering axles and the bus conveniently carries 256 passengers. It was developed by Fraunhofer Institute  for Traffic and Infrastructural Systems. This bus is 101ft long. Lots of income when used as a public transport.


  1. the longest bus indeed, am sure it cant work in ma country

  2. Hahaha.... This is really a long bus, hope it can move in Nigeria

  3. lol, dam too long. Where can i found this in Nigeria?

  4. it cant even move here but very innovative invention

  5. longest bus. I still cant imagine what de designers are tinking to build dis

  6. I have been browsing internet for more than three hours today since morning, yet I didn’t found any interesting article like this which provides knowledge.


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