6 Reasons the Celebrities Prefers Twitter to Facebook

I have watched the activities of high profile people and celebrities on social networks and i see that most of them preferred Twitter to Facebook. Twitter is been used by most celebrities to connect with their fans, share some personal thought and communicate with loved ones.
celebrities prefers Twitter to Facebook

I thought Twitter is much more easy and widely used globally compared to Facebook but the reasons the celebrities prefers Twitter to Facebook is much more than that. But are listed below

Why Celebrities Prefers Twitter than Facebook.

1. Unlimited Friends : most celebrities prefers Twitter to Facebook because the twitter followers for any celebrity is unlimited. It means a popular celeb or politician can have as many followers as possible. Celebs like Justin Berber, Kim kardashian, lady gaga etc all have
millions of followers unlike Facebook when the Friends can't exceed 5k friends.

2. Friendly : Twitter is more friendly to people and celebrities compared to Facebook. You can only like the status of a celeb if you are not a friend of the celebrity on Facebook but you can relate with the celebrity directly on Twitter which has unlimited number of followers which makes celebrities to be friends with their fans.

3. Tweets : Many celebrities uses their tweets to communicate, speak their minds, promote brands, share links, make mentions etc unlike Facebook when anybody can post links on their walls.

4. Messaging Task : Some celebs see checking various messages on from their Facebook inbox as task but on Twitter, its a little easier to read tweets than flood mails on their Facebook inbox.

5. Quality : Facebook seems to be more interesting in terms of quality of apps, video and chat apps, online games, etc But twitter is more preferred than Facebook because of its simple design and navigation.

6. Location : Facebook is more popular than twitter in the Africa and Asia continent while Celebrities in western countries like United state, united kingdom, Germany, France, etc prefers Twitter to Facebook. Their stars could easily get across to millions of fans and followers at a time.

There may be more reasons they prefers Twitter to Facebook but the following point highlighted above are some of the genuine reason. You may use the comment box below to tell more reasons or for any questions/suggestion about the topic.


  1. I now see the reasons the celebs loves twitter to facebook

  2. exactly the point, but Africans love Fcaebook

  3. I agree with all your descriptions that is why twitter and facebook are top social media platforms in the world.

  4. well explained, they always keeps their words short and makes the news viral.

  5. yes i agree....that the point

  6. Good stuff Dayo. Twitter is quick and easy, and celebs, or most people, like to publish updates with minimum effort.

    Thanks for sharing,


  7. thanks for cmmenting on dis post

  8. but sometimes twitter can cause me to have loaded information about the stars.. after all, twitter, is more personable for celebs!

  9. Exactly! now I am more interested to use my twitter account- thanks for sharing

  10. It means a popular celeb or politician can have as many followers as possible.custom application essays


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