5 Qualities of Founders

Founders are people who transformed their ideas into reality. Founders are popularly seen as risk takers and makes possible the impossibilities. Many founders are Successful Entrepreneurs and Business Mogul whose business ideas was executed and still working.

Many Founders such as Bill Gates (Microsoft), Larry Page(Google), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Sergey Brin (Google), Steve Jobs (Apple), P Diddy ( Bad Boy Entertainment) and many more have some qualities which are common to them and has helped them to start a business.

 6 Qualities of a Good Founder

1. Imagination : the power of imagination is the ability of an individual to work with his/her intelligence in achieving a workable plan. Founders also imagine some crazy ideas which really solve problems. You can imagine a solution to a problem and that is how it works.

2. Determination : the Founders always make determination their watchword. Starting a Business may not be too easy because of financial struggles, but determination may help you stay focus. If  Steve jobs was able to achieve success with apple, then you can also succeed when determined.

3. Fear : fear is the only thing that kills various Business ideas but the Founders where able to overcome fear in their decision which makes them achieve the best result.

4. Ruggedness : many Founders are rugged in decisions and physical appearance because they believe taking a decision to start a business or program may be tough. Instead, the concentrate on how to achieve their dreams and start the business.

5.  Flexibility : Founders or a starter needs to believe in other people ideas and welcome the ideas. If you are about to start a business, then you need to listen to criticism, business ideas, shortcomings and work on them. You also need to welcome ideas from workers, manufactures, marketers, programmers etc.

6. Friendship : many successful founders see friendship as speedy way to achieve success. You may need to make friends with other founders to get ideas from them, their weak point and their success stories. Friendship encourages partnership for speedy invention or launch of Business.

Those are the qualities of Founders which works and still working for those who needs to be successful in Business. Thanks


  1. its a good one. I like to be a leader

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  3. just simple analysis of founders qualities. Facebook founder is a good example

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