20 Ways to Control Bad Mood

People experience bad mood when things are not really going the right way, stress, sadness, negative thinking, low income, low patronage on business, unfulfilled target and many more.
image of bad mood
I strongly believe the best way to control or get over this mood of sadness is to identify the cause and move on. But below are more ways to to control such bad mood which includes :

20 Ways to control Bad Mood

1. Listen to Music.
2. Eat good food.
3. Take a walk.
4. Watch funny movies or comedy.
5. Exercise your body.
6. Go out for shopping.

7. Walk your pet.
8. Call a friend for hangout.
9. Go out for shopping.
10. Talk to friends or neighbours.
11. Read motivational books.
12. Surf the internet.
13. Make yourself laugh.
14. Be positive or think positively.
15. Think about happy moments.
16. Use the social networks like Facebook or Twitter.
17. Chat with friends and families.
18. Play offline games or Online games.
19. A place of religion could help.
20. Stay alone or keep silent for fresh ideas.

There are many more ways/ideas on how to control a bad mood and something positive will come out of it. You only need to be positive, get over it and move on. Thanks for reading Earn Online.


  1. A great list of tips. I was surprised I am only using five of the 20 items you gave. Now I can add other approaches when I am in bad mood.

  2. its a great research, i like ur simple tips

  3. what works best for me is the music, movies and play station games. It keeps ma time frm sad moments

  4. @ annoymous, music also helps a lot. Its cool

  5. Some super tips bro.like all these tips and will apply whenever needed.


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