10 Annoying Things you do on Facebook

Facebook is such an interesting social networks where you could easily communicate with friends, families and loved ones by chat, instant messages, picture upload or just posting.
annoying people on facebook

Many people uses Facebook for different things such as promotion of brands, product and services. But many use Facebook in such a way that it annoys the friends. Some may correct the use of your posting while others may not care to tell you.

You could easily annoy your spouse, fans, friends, and family on Facebook when you do the following :

1. Posting irrelevant Religious things too often on your Facebook wall.

2. When you tag people with useless or insensitive pictures on your Facebook wall.

3. When you post Adult content or intimate related content with pics on Facebook.

4. When you Self praise yourself or post often about you achievement or salary increase.

5. When you spam people inbox with info about your products or brand.

6. When you post on Facebook when you eat too much or about to eat.

7. When you post on your Facebook wall if you are awake or about to sleep.

8. When you engage in a fight or argument with a friend on your Facebook wall.

9. When you make people uncomfortable with your wall post or inbox messages.

10. When you post unnecessary friend request to people you don't know and decline others sent to you.

You may also read 15 Things you shouldn't share on Facebook but these are only a few annoying things people do on Facebook.

Let make our social network a happy and interesting things and not a place to brag of achievement or fraudulent act.


  1. The last 9 are correct. But i won't agree with the first point. anyway very insightful post


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