Why You Need to Invest in Africa

I got a couple of mails from friends in United State, United Kingdom, Canada, China and many other countries asking few questions on investing in Africa. Investing in Africa is highly profitable and lucrative based on market study.

Starting a Business or Investing in countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, etc is high profitable where you get huge profit. Some countries in Africa are earning big from business and are already competing with the rest of the world. Some advantages of investing in Africa are listed below.

5 Advantages of Investing in Africa

1. Population : the population factor in countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana
and many more tends to favors your product, services, establishment or investment. Nigeria has a population over 150million and if you brands is unique and satisfy their needs, then the flow of income will be great.

2. Market Size : Africa has the market who needs your brand. Most people see Africa as under developing, that is the more reason you need to come invest your stuffs in Africa.

3. Government Policies : the government are making sure that investors will have the best enabling business environment. All countries in Africa has proposed a law which enables good business environment with foreign investors.

4. Land Area : this applies to investors who want to establish in Africa but need space to build structures or factories, then some countries in Africa have large land area for your investment e.g real estate.

5. Tax : the tax system for foreign investors in all state in Africa are at minimum. African Tax policies favors the foreign investors which encourages them to attract more.

We have more points that will be exposed in a short while. But while you wait, take a look at this 5 advantages of investing in Africa, start your business and see the change. Africa needs investors. Thanks


  1. Already in Egypt and doing well. Africa is good but just the security system needs to be address

  2. Yeah! Security issues

  3. i think the govt is seriously finding ways to cub dat very fast

  4. This kind of awareness is very important for every computer user.


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