Top 20 Profitable Businesses with N1Million

This is a list of lucrative and profitable Business one can start with N1milliion. It depends on the country and satisfying the needs of that environment that help invest or start a business like the business ideas listed.

Profitable BuisnessThe sum of 1million naira seems not be enough for many entrepreneurs or business men to start a business but i think this sum of money which is equivalent to $6500 can start a small business and with time the profit increases.

Best Business Ideas with 1Million Naira

1. Building an hotel
2. Import and Export of electronics.
3. Small scale oil and gas
4. Poultry, Piggery and Fishery Business.
5. Restaurant / Eatery Business

6. Rental Business.
7. Building schools and hospitals.
8. Haulage Business.
9. Sales of computers and phone accessories.
10. Real Estate business.
11. Sales of laptops and Ipads.
12. Car wash.
13. Cement Distributorship.
14. Kerosene Business.
15. Cheap cars importation.
16. Printing press business.
17. Laundry and Dry cleaning business.
18. Online Business.
19. Fixed Deposit Account.
20. Paint Production.

We have only provided to list some highly profitable business you can do with $6500 when converted gives you One Million Naira. You need to sit down and think, make strategies on what works and also set a goal to achieve success in your business. The following Business ideas listed above provides real income if properly researched before starting the business. Thanks


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