How to Check Gtb Account Balance via Sms

Gtb bank has proven to be the best bank in Nigeria due to its effort to be the best in private banking on online banking. This time, Guarantee Trust Bank has come up with a simple step on how to check the account balance on your account on your mobile phone.

This Online banking program will save you the stress of going to the bank or Atm machine to check your account balance. You can actually check your Gtb account balance on mobile phone. Just follow the steps below and you will get your account balance very fast.

Steps On How to Get Gtb Account Balance on Phone.

1. Go to compose new message on your phone.
2. Make a text with this format Bal (space)  NUBAN number.
3. Your NUBAN Number is your ten digit account number.
4. Then send to 08100550000 .
5. Wait for sms reply.
6. Ensure the format of your message look like Bal 00234581172 and then send to 08100550000.

Note : Ensure you use the phone number you use to register your Gtb account and also you sms service provider may charge you a token for sms usually N2 or N5.

Save yourself the stress of going to the bank or Atm centers to check your Gtb Account Balance. This is the solution. It works.


  1. Gtb remains the best bank...thier online banking is superb

  2. Thanks Gtb. However, can we check d bal anytime of d day. Pls reply

  3. Thank you for sharing this information. I have been looking this info to assist me in what I do because I couple of times their sms alert notification have failed so much.

  4. yes, you can check ur account balance anytime of the day. i tried it and it works

  5. @ Sunnybulk Sms, thanks for the comment

  6. d process is not working again, i had try it several tym but no response


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