Googling Yourself - Any Advantage

I felt the real importance of this post when i went for a job interview and immediately the panel typed my name on Google Search result and lot of information about me showed up and especially the some fresh post on my site Earn Online.
Google Yourself on Google search

Google is the best search engine in the world and can be used to get some information about you. Google your name on Google search and see the list of result that comes up. Googling yourself on Google search box has lot of advantages which are listed below.

Advantages of Googling Yourself

1. It shows different result of on your name or username.

2. It shows people and search engine impression about you.

3. It brings about the credibility of your Business or Brand.

4. It tells the uniqueness of your name.

5. Google result shows the search result of your product, services, brand or business.

6. It controls your activities online.

7. It makes you correct some negative result about you.

8. It helps limit the kind of photo spread on Google.

9.  It helps build a reputable character and business name.

10. It shows if any notorious person is using your kind of username or name to do online scam.

Just as my name was typed and searched, lots of Facebook post, Linkedin profile, Twitter profile and my activities online where reviewed. I thank my star all my search result was positive and my free information on the internet. Why not tried yours now and let learn from you.

Please let your name have some good credibility on the internet, it helps.


  1. interesting post. but its a fact.

  2. thanks boss, for the comment

  3. Hi, Really great effort. Everyone must be read this article. Thanks for sharing.

  4. It helps to google your name to determine how your influence is expanding.

  5. Nice tips on googling yourself. However, it has also disadvantage if your reputation is bad then there is now way you can recover from it because it is online.

  6. thanks for the also learning frm u guys

  7. basics are always good to remeber which you shared here. Thanks


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