5 Relevant Things About Twitter

Twitter is one of the trending social networks in the world. Twitter makes you communicate with friends and family and can also be a source of information if needed. But there are facts and relevant things you need to know using Twitter.
facts about Twitter

I see Twitter as means to getting information across to my friends whereas Twitter works more than that. Below is a brief list of some relevant things you can do on Twitter.

5 Facts About Twitter

1. Promotion : You can easily get your product or services across to your followers. Twitter can act as a medium of online advertisement for your brand. Just tweet the links of your product or services, then you get responds.You can also promote website or blogs on Twitter. This can also be called Twitter Traffic.

2. Re-tweet : Re tweeting is just like re-sharing other people tweet. When brand can easily be re tweeted especially when your tweet has been re tweeted by celebrities with large numbers of twitter followers.

3. Hastags (#) ; Hastags or mentions can easily link and exposed your brand to the rest of the world. When you make mentions or hastags, it connect you to the conversation group which exposes your product.

4. Unlimited Followers : Unlike Facebook which has restriction to numbers of friends, Twitter followers is unlimited. You choose to follow or unfollow any numbers which makes it more interesting. Your Twitter followers may range from thousand followers to millions.

5. Source of Information : Twitter is very relevant in the area of information. Its  can be a source of news and information especially the trending stories on Twitter. You also get the latest gist and trends in fashion, entertainment, news, technology, sport, finances etc

These are the few relevant things about Twitter and why you need to join the fastest growing social networks. Feel free to add more or for any suggestion about using Twitter. Thanks


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