30 list of Positive Things to Achieve Today

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Positive Artitude

One could only excel in Life by thinking positively and doing what is right. Below is a list of positive things you can do today to achieve success. Some are practice daily but this list is only going to help in picking some positive things you can do now.

40 Positive Things to Achieve Today

1. Have a Positive mind set.
2. Try Something new.
3. Set a Goal
4. Learn new Language.

5. Make a Schedule.
6. Have some rest.
7.Speak and think positively.
8. Learn to cook
9. Make a donation.
10. Create time to read.
11. Save a life.
12. Perform and complete household chores.
13. Reduce Stress.
14.Learn to start a business.
15. Learn to repair.
16. Have a smile
17. Make funny phone call to wife, husband, spouse and children
18. Learn to trade.
19. Get delicious food to eat.
20. Clean up environment including self.
21. Give thank to God.
22. Get a kiss from husband,wife,spouse and children.
23.  Burn Calories.
24. Stay Happy.
25. Stop complaining.
26. Accept criticism.
27. Make friendly comment on social networks like Facebook or Twitter.
28. Take a walk when angry.
29. Listen to music, play musical instrument, and have fun with mobile smart phone.
30. Meet deadline for jobs or task

There are more of this fact which some which already know and you must have learnt a lot from this post. We need to achieve greatness, we need to prosper, we need to excel and we also need to earn big time from our day to day activities either through Business or job.

But ensure you achieve something today. Thanks


  1. the beautiful thing about this blog is that it's not based on making money online alone unlike others. keep up the good work. nice post.

  2. thank you for the comment sir

  3. Very informative, keep posting such good articles, it really helps to know about things :)


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