Your income and Donation

Average salary earners or business owner make money in one way or the other. Many spend their money on relevant, investments and generally needs. I noticed a change from my last earnings and current earnings due to a small exercise i did which is giving. I gave some few dollars and i saw a change from my donation.

I quickly realizes that the rich and famous people like Warren Buffett, Bill Gate, Mark zuckerberg etc are big spenders when it come to donations. They donate to the poor, the needy, the widow, the less privileged, the sick and in return, they earn more.

Making donations to the motherless, orphanages, the sick, disaster victims, the sick will help your business grow. I notice giving out some part of my earnings comes back to me in another way. That is why i see
reason in enlightening my readers to learn to give, make little donations, help the poor and see how it works.

Real Fact about Donations

1. Its a good act
2. When you donate, you have helped some people
3. When you donate, you have feed the poor.
4. When you make donations, it comes back to you in double folds.
5. When you share, it brings more blessing.
6.When you make donations, it shows your kindness towards the needy.

The most important thing is that when we make donations to the right people or place at the right time, then there is a reward for that. The big earners and Billionaires don't joke with donations. Think about this and see how you can help in your environment. Thanks


  1. yea i think is good to make donations, bless people with a substance and its shall get back to you in multiple folds


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