Top Credit Cards for Online Payment

The internet has become the fastest growing for business, adverts, sales, promotion, traffic etc. It makes sense to buy and sell online, make online adverts, engage in online transaction, receive payment, send payment online, buy gift items online, online shipping, online importation etc.

To do all these, the individual needs a debit or credit card that can be accepted all over the world  and also can be used locally to cash out money on Atms machines. There are common universally accepted  credit cards that are accepted for any online advert or Online payment of good, domain etc. Such cards includes

1. Mastercard.
2. Visa card.
3. Discovery.
4. Paypal debit card.

Despite some of the cards listed above are not easily obtained in your country, you can use your bank debit card to make payment for any transaction such as Facebook ads, Google adwords, Godaddy domain payments and many more.

In Nigeria which is my country, our local bank debit cards  can be used to make online payment or any online transaction with fast delivery. Top banks like Gtb, Zenith Bank and Uba provides world wide online services with the debit card. You will only visit your bank website or office, tell them to convert your card to worldwide online service with a token in dollars.

Best card for online payment includes ;
1. Uba Ucard
2. Zenith web surfer
3. Gtb mastercard

The 3 cards are accepted for Online payment for Facebook ads, Google adword, domain/hosting payment, purchase of laptop/phones or other electronics.

Just walk up to your bank and seek information on how to get the card suitable for your online transaction. Thanks.


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