Top 4 Alternative to Western Union

Accepting or sending money to foreign countries seems to got better because you not only need western union to receive money from foreign countries, forex earnings, investments or your online banking transaction but other useful and trusted money transfer services.

Western Union has been very reliable to send and receive money from other countries or location but there seems to be new payment gateways to receive money other than Western Union. I will rather call these as Western Union Alternatives for Nigerians.

Top Rated Western Union Alternatives

1. Money Gram.

2. Domiciliary Account.

3. DT &T

4. International Bank Account

Other Online Payment Gateway

1. Paypal.

2. Perfect Money

3. MoneyBooker

4. Payza

The exchange rates for these payment site are relatively cheap, as well as their charges. They operate worldwide and have been trusted a secure way to send or receive money any where in the world.


  1. I've been hearing Dt&t, i was told their charges was cheap and fast. thanks for the post

  2. Thank you! Western Union is in the market for very long and has proven to be a reliable service. I see the only downside of it - it is rather expensive. Other more cost effective options I know are Paysera and Transferwise. But using these is possible if you and the payee also have a bank account.

  3. thanks for commenting on this post, i will check the two payment gateway as soon a s possible


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