Top 10 Profitable Business with 160k

My findings on the most Profitable business one can start with 160000naira is based on thorough research and findings from local business expert. 160000 Naira in my country is equivalent to $1000 and the common business to make money are listed below.

This post serves as an advice to the jobless with little capital as low as $1000 which is equivalent to N160k. Many may decide to split this money and divert it into different section but to be candid, the money might be enough to start a large scale business but definitely fit to start a small business and make some income.

Best Business to Start with N160k

1. School Business.

2. Catfish Business.

3. Fix Deposit Account  for interest

4. Sales of Ladies and Men' wear

5. Forex Trading

6. Printing of Recharge cards.

7. Importation Business - laptops or phones.

8. Higher Purchase of Public Transport.

9. Sales and Exchange of Liberty Reserve.

10.Transport Business

These are just Business ideas, Business fact and fast way to make money with your $1k in my country. You need to think about this, make some more research from existing business men and say no to joblessness. If you have some other business ideas, please feel free to comment below and let learn from you.


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