Entrepreneur of the Week : Linda Ikeji.

Our site has decided to name Miss Linda Ikeji as the Entrepreneur of the week. This is based on result from surveys we took about her personality. Linda Ikeji was named among the popular earner from Google.

Photo of Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji is a popular Blogger in Nigeria and an ex beauty model. She claimed to the most blogger in
Nigeria and popular called multi-talented blogger and online earner. She not only makes money from Google Adsense but other means like direct ad sales, sponsored post, tweets, etc.

She owned the popular blog site called Lindaikeji.blogspot.com and has been rated one of the best and most visit website in Nigeria. Her blog serves as a source of news, photos and information for most entertainment bloggers. Most people have criticized linda saying her blog promote rumors but she decline such.

Linda provides real entertainment on her blog and she will always make sure you come back for more. She was listed by forbes as top most influential youth in Africa. We see her as great Entrepreneur who teaches others on how to blog by way of entertainment. Thanks


  1. wow! nice write up here sir! Linda Ikeji has really done well in the Blogging world....

  2. her source of information is fast reliable to entertainment reporters, magazines and bloggers


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