Top Offline Businesses that Gives Steady Income

Offline Business or local Business can simply be referred to as a business that is not based online. Offline Business can also be called local or small business and also the best and quickest way to make money unlike the Online business. Just like the market woman, salon, furniture, super market etc.

Running a small scale business can help make money even  more than internet business or large scale business which can encounter a breakdown if not properly managed.

List of Small Businesses that Gives Steady Income

1. Soap Making
2. Nylon Making.

3. Day Care.
4. Vegetables
5. Fish Farming.
6. Sales of Food Items.
7. Sales of Gift Items.
8. Sales of Fruits.
9. Sales of Cloths an Foot wares
10. Car Wash.
11. Sales of Books
12. Poultry.
13. Laundry Business.
14. Transport
15. Food Package.
16. Estate Agent
17. School Business.
18. Sachet Water.
19. Bakery.
20.Vehicle License Agent.

Study your environment, list the needs, pick the best and start your small business with the little capital or resources you have. Thanks


  1. great ideas bro.Pls do u know or ave any info about the nylon recycling biz?

  2. thanks for the comment, the nylon recycling thing is becoming popular now but an friend just started the business which work perfect

    1. Started the biz ? as in into the main recycling or supplying the waste nylon to recyclers?

  3. hes into the main recycling and hes doing well, although he was sponsored


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